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A growing number of families on low incomes, who are some of the UK’s most vulnerable households, don’t have the money to adequately heat their homes.
The Government is attempting to address the issue with the Energy Company Obligation.
Often shortened to just ECO, it’s a scheme that will help UK households lower their energy bills by becoming more energy efficient. We’ve put together some of the most important things to know when applying for a boiler grant with ECO.

Oil and LPG grant funding is available up till 2018, so apply for your free boiler here.

1. Government boiler grants are funded by the big energy companies

As the name suggests, energy companies (who have in excess of 250,000 domestic customers) have a legal obligation to provide support and take part in ECO. It means energy providers including traditional suppliers like EDF, SSE &  British Gas, must provide funding to help families on low incomes who live in the country’s fuel poorest areas save money by heating and insulating their homes more efficiently.

2. ECO  Grants replace the Warm Front scheme

3. ECO Grants are only available in England, Scotland and Wales

4. In Northern  Ireland there is an alternative scheme called Warm Homes Grants.

5. ECO will run until September 2018 -Make sure to apply for a boiler grant using the form above before ECO closes its doors!

6. The Affordable Warmth Obligation has other grants too Under the Affordable Warmth Obligation, which forms part of ECO,
you might be eligible for a grant to help pay for home insulation,
a boiler repair or, a brand new Worcester, Baxi Vaillant,
or Ideal A-rated energy efficient condensing boiler.

7. You must be a homeowner or live in privately rented accommodation to qualify

If you do live in privately rented accommodation you will need to get permission from your landlord.
8. You cannot claim the grant if you are living in a council property.

9. In order to qualify for a government boiler grant you will need to be in receipt of specific benefits (and possibly meet additional criteria).

You can find all of the details about this on  the Boliers.Wales  website

10. You are most likely to benefit from ECO if your boiler is old, broken or inefficient

11. Your boiler must be at less than 86% efficiency for you to qualify for a replacement. This is far more likely with boilers which are older.

12. Yours must be 5 years old or more.

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